“The God Contract”

“The God Contract” is a little something I cooked up over the last few weeks. It’s a short film (a SHORT film) and we finally got it filmed and edited recently. Instead of telling you how awesome it is I’ve put the video here for you to watch, decide for yourself, and possibly leave feedback. Then I’ve gone through what I’m happy with and not so happy with. Here goes!

Firstly, what I really like and love about my movie.

– I am extremely happy with the song choice. Together in Electric Dreams adds that camp element that I really wanted.

– The opening, as in until the Killer gets to the door, is in my opinion the strongest part of the movie.

– The ending. The sudden cut to the credits as the song plays again, well I just love that part so much.

– The black and white montage in the middle. This part came about when one of the shots we’d used was so dark it was borderline unusual. It really depressed me that I was left with a very startling shot in the middle of the movie.  A re-shoot was suggested,  but I knew there was something I could do. So I cut some clips together, made it black and white and played with the contrast. I think it worked out excellently. I knew however that this would not be to everyone’s tastes, but in the end it’s my movie and I made it how I wanted.

– The actors. I’m glad of the actors I chose and I feel that both did the jobs, be that Steven as the religious nut or Tom (reviewer on this blog and my brother) as a calm hitman. I also feel like I should say thank you to both of these actors for letting me make the movie how I wanted to, despite how weird it got.

– The weirdness. Simple enough. It needed to be weird, and I feel we succeeded. I feel the script I wrote added to this weirdness somewhat.


Now, despite that, there are things I wish I’d changed.

– The camera was great. But we had planned to use a different one. This meant the quality was lower than I expected, but I suppose it’s only amateur.

– The shakiness. If only I could have kept my hand FREAKIN’ STILL. Some shots are a little wobbly. 

– The sound. I perhaps could have made some parts louder.


Overall, I’m very happy with it. It’s the first time I’ve ever written anything to be directed, the first time I’ve ever directed anything and the first time I’ve ever edited anything. I think it could be a hell of a lot worse and I’ll look proudly upon it as a little slice of weirdness that I once made.


Agree? Disagree? Let us know what you think!

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