The Walking Dead Season 3 Review

“In this life now, you kill or you die, or you die and you kill…”

Well, it’s over. Season 3 ended. I tried to keep up to date on reviews, but sadly failed towards the end of the series. I blame this solely on my recent signing up to Steam (and spending shit-tons on the old GTA games) and Bioshock Infinite. Not to mention a certain addiction to a certain show called Lost. Anyway. that’s my apologizing done. Here are my thoughts on the finale and the series as a whole. Walkers, ho!

Pink Governor

First up I should mention the series finale. It was getting some mediocre reviews before I watched it, most describing it as “underwhelming”. I went into it with low expectations because of this and I was pleasantly surprised. It isn’t the action filled finale perhaps some were hoping for, but it had some really excellent moments. My favourite’s being the Governor loosing it and opening fire on the residents of Woodbury and Carl echoing Shane by mercilessly gunning one poor guy down. And many were pissed that The Governor wasn’t killed in this season. I think that’s insane, David Morrissey’s Governor is one of the best TV bad guys we’ve had in a long time and I love any scene he’s in. Saying that, I’m not sure how I feel about Tyrese and Sasha becoming series regulars. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I for one can’t wait to see where the Governor, Martinez and Shumpert end up and what, as all that’s left of Woodbury, they plan on doing next.

I presume it'll be something like this. (Thanks Reddit)
I presume it’ll be something like this. (Thanks Reddit)

Now for the series as a whole. Well we had some surprise guests like Morgan, as well as some surprise death like Merle and T-Dog. And some less surprising, but nevertheless emotional deaths like Andrea and Lori. As well as this, we were introduced to some new characters, including two of my favourites from the comic; Tyrese and Michonne.

As a whole I think this series was the best yet. Series 1 was perhaps not long enough, season 2 perhaps felt a little too long, but series 3 was perfect pacing-wise. As well as that, the show just felt different to the previous seasons. The action was now spread across two groups a lot of the time. But Woodbury was interesting and this never felt like an issue. Every episode felt important in this season, and it felt like the stakes had really been ramped up. There were many more set-piece action sequences this series. From the initial attack on the prison in “Home” to the siege on Woodbury in “Made to Suffer“, no one could complain there wasn’t enough action in this series.

T-Dog deathThere were a lot of badass moments throughout the series, from T-Dogs heroic death to Merle and Daryl’s fight with walkers on the bridge. It  was a tough decision to pick my absolute favourite moment of this season,but the “shit happens” moment from episode 2 “Sick” is high up the list if not at the top. It was great to see Rick finally snap. He’d been the “nice” guy to Shane’s “nasty” guy for the past 2 seasons so it was an awesome and shocking moment.
Rick and CarlAs well as action there were some great, touching moments between characters. The changing relationship between Rick and Carl got much more complicated and Merle and Daryl’s brotherly love was tested (until the very end). Lori’s final words to Carl made for a touching scene, and Glen and Maggie went through a rough patch only to come out of the other side closer (and married!).

Well. This is it. The last Walking Dead we have for a whole year. It’s been a good season, with lot’s of walkers, angst and human drama. What more could you ask for from a TV show?  I appreciate the views and comments I’ve had on these reviews over the past few months and hope you’ll be back to hear my ramblings on season 4. To finish up with, here’s the cast photo from the end of season 3. It’s been a gory, emotional and entertaining ride.


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