The Walking Dead – “When the Dead Come Knocking”


Merle tortures Glenn

Well, after that episode there’s no denying now that the Governor is not a nice guy. Up until now he hadn’t reached that level of complete evil that many had seen in the comics, but now he’s pretty damn close.  Also Merle is now back to his old-fashioned racist ways (“Big ‘ol spear-chucker”? Really Merle?) But his reaction to T-Dog’s death, “I hope he went slow”, really reminded you that his character is not just a cardboard cutout redneck (Well not anymore) He is a villain. And he still seems to have a lot of anger and hatred for “Officer Friendly” for what he did to him on the roof in Atlanta. It’s great to see these plot threads come back up. Merle certainly wouldn’t have forgotten what they did, so why should we?

The action at the prison picks back up with Michonne on one side of the fence and Rick on the other. It turns out that Michonne just isn’t as good at rubbing zombie guts all over her self as Rick and Glenn were, and the walkers soon notice her. This sequence of a tired Michonne fighting walkers was great. No music or anything else just made it all the more eerie. The shot of the walkers from her point of view when she collapses was awesome as well. But in the end it is Carl who saves the day, killing the walkers that are about to eat her. Despite his recent angst, Rick does the right thing and runs to pick her up and bring her inside.

Rick and Michonne
Rick and Michonne

They patch her up just as Daryl comes and tells Rick that he’s found something. It’s Carol! Yay! Now I just hope that there was a reason for getting rid of her for some episodes. I mean, she’s gone and just come back like nothings happened. Maybe it was just for that one bad-ass shot last week of Daryl carrying her. Oh well. Maybe we’ll never know the reason for her departure, but it was a touching moment between Rick and Carol anyway.

Watch out Rick, she's Daryl's woman!
Watch out Rick, she’s Daryl’s woman!

Back at Woodbury, MORE SEX!!!! Seriously though, we learn about a Mr. Coleman, a man who is dying and who’ll soon turn into a walker. Milton wants to see if he’ll retain any of his former self when he does. SPOILERS: He doesn’t and Andrea stabs him in the head. At first I was really unsure about what was going on here. All the weird decorations and music and the way the Governor seemed thankful for Mr Coleman’s help. After a while though it all made perfect sense and just proves what Andrea has been saying all episode; the walkers are monsters. Not humans.

Milton and Mr Coleman

Back at the prison Michonne tells Rick about Glenn and Maggie getting taken and a small groups sets off in pursuit. Before they go however we get a scene I personally have been waiting for ages; the naming of the baby. And although the route to reach the name was different (Carl’s third grade teacher) the name ended up the same as the one in the comics; Judith.

In Woodbury the Governor tries his own  brand of interrogation. This time with Maggie. Now this scene was uncomfortable to watch, with the Governor getting all rapey and what-not. He asks her to strip and then pushes her face down onto the table, He doesn’t go any further than that but the threat is there. The worst part is that you can tell he’s enjoying it. I’m actually pretty glad that the Governor didn’t go as far as he did in the comics with Michonne, that may have been a bit tricky to watch, never mind actually film.

The Governor torturing Maggie

Maggie doesn’t crack however, so the Governor takes her to Glenn and puts a gun to his head. She gives in and tells them about the prison. But let’s be honest, can you really blame her? Ricks group meanwhile finds a hermit living in a shack alone. To cut a long story short, he’s obviously insane (“I’ll call the cops!”) and tries to make a run for it, which would allow the walkers in. Michonne kills him and they throw him out as walker food as they sneak by. Crafty Rick, very crafty.

The episode ends on a cliffhanger with the prison group waiting outside Woodbury. This episode was brilliant, although I suppose quite little happened. It was great to see the evil Governor that we’ve all waited for (well, not so great for Maggie and Glenn) and the evil Merle. The next episode looks intense, although as I’m staying at Uni till Christmas (and I’ve promised my little brother I’ll wait to watch it with him) it could be 3 weeks till I can watch it. Ah, I’m going to struggle.


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