“The Sign Holder” Review

The Sign Holder by Tony Ashenheim is a short film shot on Oxford Street in 2007. It is this real location that gives the film its bleak, grey look. The sign holder herself, in my opinion, is a stark juxtaposition to this mundane setting as she can see and salvage the hope and happy moments in this bottom of the barrel job. For instance when it snows; she is out in the cold and everything suggests she should be miserable. So whilst everyone else is (presumably) grumbling she’s on the phone to her parents back home. It is arguably the unscripted moments that give the greatest message, such as the passer-by helping hold the sign up, or on the other end of the scale the swastika carved into the sign.

Overall, whilst the message can be argued, it’s a nice short film and definitely worth a watch.


2 thoughts on ““The Sign Holder” Review

  1. Thanks for that Jack! I watched the film prior to reading your review and it was quite enjoyable. Where do you find short films like this? I like how this one was quite straightforward and meaningful.. I’ve not seen many short films, but most I’ve seen hold strong metaphores, or are quite confusing. This one, in its simplicity, brought more of a message.


    1. We watched it in class a couple of weeks back, but I seem to be the only one who’s reviewed it! I think I was the only one who liked it. I’ve watched a lot of short films, but honestly most of them have been shown to me by Tom, he’s the film guy XD


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