Doctor Who – Series 7 Rewatch and Review

Series 7 of¬†Doctor Who is often considered to be a bit messy. Like the previous series, it’s once again quite literally a series of two halves – with the first half following the Amy and Rory and the second half picking up with new companion Clara, played by Jenna Coleman. Because of this, the series often feels like two separate seasons, and not one consistent thing. And with Amy and Rory’s tragic exit at the halfway mark, combined with The Doctor’s own departure at the end of the two specials, this is a series of goodbyes. But that doesn’t mean it’s not still incredibly entertaining.¬†

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Doctor Who – “The Crimson Horror”

I don’t review Doctor Who but today I thought I’d make an exception. I’ve been seeing a bit of hate for the most recent episode (although reviews have been glowingly positive) but I really loved it. So let’s dive right in to the Crimson ‘orror.

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