Lovecraft Country – ‘Rewind 1921’ Review

The real-life 1921 massacre in Tulsa took centre stage in this week’s episode. Thanks to the recently discovered time machine – and newly-returned Hippolyta’s knowledge – Tic, Leti, and Montrose journey back to Tulsa to retrieve the book of names on the night it is destroyed. 

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Lovecraft Country – ‘Whitey’s On The Moon’ Review

The second episode of Lovecraft Country moves slightly away from the commentary of the Black experience in 1950s America (though that is still there) and turns the dial up to eleven on the weirdness. People who were worried that the show would take its time getting into the magic, rituals, and spells need not worry. It’s episode two and we are immersed in a world of secret sects and portals to other dimensions. And it comes at you like a high-speed train.

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