The Witcher Episode 8 Review – ‘Much More’

After eight episodes, the first season of The Witcher is at an end. Along the way it became the biggest show in the world, something I’m not sure anyone anticipated. But how did it wrap it all up? Was it a satisfying conclusion? I’d argue that by illuminating some of the details missing from the books, and because of that touching final scene, it was a huge success.

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The Witcher Episode 5 Review – ‘Bottled Appetites’

Based on “The Last Wish”, one of the best of the original short stories, this episode sees Geralt and Yennefer cross paths for the first time. And their relationship promises to be an interesting one. At the very least, this makes the timeline a lot simpler. Ciri’s plot moves forward too, as she is taken from Brokilon by a doppler impersonating her old friend Mousesack.

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The Witcher Episode 2 Review – ‘Four Marks’

The Witcher continues it’s hot streak in episode 2, with a slight detour away from Geralt to tell the story of Yennefer of Vengerberg – powerful sorceress and canon love interest (sorry Triss fans). Her backstory has always been a bit mysterious, but this episode gives us a good introduction to the troubled early years, as well as the world of magic. Though don’t expect any concrete explanations.

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