21/3/2013 Reflection

Today we were told about our module choices for next year. I, being the excellent student I am (HA!) had already researched my choices and picked the hopefully excellent Writing for Roleplaying. To be honest I don’t think there was ever going to be an argument for anything else. In my opinion I think Peter […]

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20/11/2012 Reflection

Um, well, I’m not sure what to write. This week we watched Life is Beautiful. There’s a review coming for that so I won’t say my feelings on it here. Also, (because of Christmas and what-not) Carys brought in cakes. Which was awesome. Life is Beautiful was not however the best film I watched that day. […]

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29/11/2012 Reflection

Ok, I hated the Tate. I believe I got some hate for my review, saying perhaps I didn’t ‘get’ it. But I know I ‘got’ it just fine. The art was not good. It was pretentious rubbish. The Tate was supposed to offer inspiration, perhaps offer me something to use for my “cultural artifact” for my […]

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Review of Tate Liverpool

6 word review – This art just isn’t for me. I didn’t like the Tate. Perhaps I just didn’t get it, but with many of the things there seemed like there was nothing TO get. This was particularly evident with the sculptures. They just seemed like junk to me. A case can probably me made for some […]

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