25/04/13 Reflection – Daniele Pantano!


Today we had a special guest come into class. It was none other than Edge Hill’s very own Daniele Pantano! He was here to talk to us in part about his book which we had been reading; “The Oldest Hands in the World”. We started off by asking questions, or not asking questions as everyone in our class is extraordinarily shy. Things soon picked off though, thanks mostly to Carys and her super list of questions. We were finding everything out about Dan, from his time in Switzerland to when he talked his way into a prestigious tennis academy in Florida. He had some really great stories about his time all over the world. I think it’s worth mentioning that his accent is also pretty interesting, a mixture of lots of different accents, like Christopher Lambert in Highlander (left). You could tell that he’s been to lots of different places (or maybe it’s a very common accent and I just wanted to put a picture of Connor Macleod in my reflection).

Overall, a great few hours and a really good look at someone who has clearly worked hard (and ignored all the people telling him he couldn’t) to get to where he is.


Agree? Disagree? Let us know what you think!

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