21/3/2013 Reflection

Today we were told about our module choices for next year. I, being the excellent student I am (HA!) had already researched my choices and picked the hopefully excellent Writing for Roleplaying. To be honest I don’t think there was ever going to be an argument for anything else. In my opinion I think Peter really sold this course as well, but it’ll no doubt be the huge geeks like me doing the course. Other modules were presented in an *ahem* no so good light. The second go at the publishing workshop/talk went better than the first, and was really helpful. It was worth having all these questions answered in one place even if it did terrify me into ever having anything published. The way I saw it, I might get published but probably won’t. I’ll never make money of my writing at least, but I never thought I would anyway.

Overall, a useful talk and a kick up the arse for all the slow pokes on the course. 


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