29/11/2012 Reflection

Ok, I hated the Tate. I believe I got some hate for my review, saying perhaps I didn’t ‘get’ it. But I know I ‘got’ it just fine. The art was not good. It was pretentious rubbish. The Tate was supposed to offer inspiration, perhaps offer me something to use for my “cultural artifact” for my assessment. But I got nothing. The inspiration just didn’t happen, perhaps my hate for the Tate will fuel me to write something interesting but I doubt even that. It was just a boring place, and I’m just so glad that I spent  my time walking around there in the company of friends. Because if I hadn’t had anyone to complain to about the crappy “art” and if I’d had to walk around that place alone, I think I would have snapped.

I get that all of this is just my opinion, and that some people may have liked that sort of “art” but if so, WHY?! I just can’t understand the appeal of the majority of things in the Tate. But on a nice note, the day wasn’t completely wasted. We spent some time in Liverpool which was cool.  Liverpool was nice, it was just a shame we had to spend the time we had walking around a dreary place like the Tate.


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